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Welcome to the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast Varna!

You will find a modern city with ancient history, a city with its own rhythm and lifestyle. Varna offers incredible opportunities for recreation and tourism. The city predisposes for convenient and very good quality of life. Besides that, the prices of the real estates and the daily cost of life are much lower than these in France, Portugal or Spain! Please take look at our offers and check yourself. Here the business climate is perfect with the lowest taxes in Europe - only 10%! The city is logistic center with international airport, port and a train station.

Sunny and Sandy Beaches

If you ever dreamed about living in a sea view house Varna is the right choice. Suited on the Black Sea coast the city of Varna offers excellent location for living and tourism.

Within the city limits there are over 20 sandy beaches with total length of over 20 kilometers. The beaches of "Sunny Day"and "Golden Sands" are awarded with Blue Flag for cleanliness  and sustainable eco-management. All the beaches are free and includes lifeguards, showers and toilets.

The renting of parasols and chairs, watersports and attractions are paid services. Right on the seashore there are plenty of venues offering blacksea cuisine and variety of drinks for affordable prices.



The Sea Garden

The Sea Garden is suited on the very shore of the sea, its length is 4 kilometers and offers many nooks for relaxation and fun. The garden is home to some of the city`s landmarks like Dolphinarium, Maritime museum, Aquarium and the Summer Theatre.

Varna offers unique opportunities for balneology. In the city and the resorts there are over 100 hotels providing SPA procedures, many of it with hot mineral water. On the sea shore you can find day spa centers and pools for long hours to relax.

If you are keen on rich social and culture life then Varna is your place. Over 20 festivals are held in the city throughout the year, most notable are The Varna International Ballet Competition founded in 1964, Varna Summer international music, jazz and theatre festival, the film festival Love is Folly.



Rich Cultural Life

In the Boris Georgiev City Art Gallery you can enjoy unique pieces of art from 17th century to contemporary art, also there are over 30 private galleries where modern artists can show their art.

The building of The State Opera of Varna is shared with The Stoyan Bachvarov Dramatic Theatre. It is one of the landmarks of Varna. After its foundation in 1921 thousands of opera and theatrical performances are presented here. Both classical and modern plays are included in the current program like "Turandot" and "Rigoletto".

The stage of the Summer Theatre hosts the Ballet Competition as well as many others concerts and event. In the city are presented also Theatre Balgaran and The state Puppet Theatre of Varna. The Festival and Congress Centre Varna hosts plenty of concerts, performances and festivals. There is a  large concert organ in its 1st hall with over 1000 seats.






Besides the cultural life Varna offers variety of nightlife. Hundreds of venues are ready to satisfy everyone`s taste and preference. And for a very good price! Dinner for two with a bottle of wine in a good restaurant on the sea coast here costs only 30 Euro.

In addition many places and stores are working 24/7! The city provides lots of entertainment for several generations.

One thing Varnians are famous for is that they are a fun-loving people. The best proof of that is the huge selection of entertainment venues the city offers.

No matter if you are looking for a romantic nook for two or a loud club for large companies - Varna has it all.




Wine and Food


Varna is the center of The Black Sea Wine Region. Here are grown mostly white wines because of the suitable climate and soils.

Some of them are Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer, Riesling but also typical Bulgarian varieties. You should definitely try the characteristic for the area local wines like Dimyat and Pamid.

The oldest winery in Bulgaria`s modern history is founded in Varna – in Euxinograd Palace, the summer residence of the Bulgarian tzars - in 1891 and is still functioning.
The palace is suited in a large park and has two private beaches. The pediment from the right wing of Château de Saint-Cloud in France, a former French royal residence is integrated in Euxinograd Palace.

The region is famous with its Black sea cuisine. Do not miss to try the specialties with fresh fish and mussels. The black sea fish is notably tasty - anchovy, bluefish, horse mackerel, red mullet, bonito. The black sea mussel is among the most delicious in Europe and here you can find it in every restaurant, delivered daily straight from the mussel farms. 





Varna is a European City of Sport for 2019. The Palace of culture and sports was a host of large number of sporting events and among of them The World Volleyball Cup 2018. This is the biggest indoor arena in the city with capacity of 6000 seats which is used also for concerts, dance spectacles and theatrical performances. Varna offers excellent opportunities for practicing a variety of sports. Swimming, cycling, tennis, football, volleyball... here you can find good conditions for any sport.

If you are passionate yachtsman or you just want to go fishing Varna offers excellent premises. With over 10 ports and boat parkings here you can find a home for your yacht or you can rent one. There are several horse riding centers where you can practice equestrian sports. If you want to play tennis you can find more than 30 courts in the city, indoor and outdoor, grass or clay. One of the best golf courses in Bulgaria are next to Varna: Thracian Cliffs. Two more golf courses are nearby: Lighthouse Golf and BlackSeaRama.

There is honorary consulate of Republic of France in Varna for convenience of the French citizens. In the city is present branch of the foundation Alliance Francais which organize events for the francophonie in the city . The French language is taught in Frédéric Joliot-Curie French Language High School and in many other schools. There is also a french school working under the auspices of the Bulgarian and French ministries, where children of foreigners and bulgarians living and working in Vara can go to school.

Varna is a dynamic city with 6 universities, including Medical university. Many young specialists graduate every year and work here. There are several large hospitals and a large number of private clinics with variety of specializations. Here the EU citizens can find  active treatment at very affordable  prices.

In Varna traces of civilization are found of more than 6000 years ago. In The Varna Necropolis is discovered the oldest gold treasure in the world dating from around 4 500 BC. Thracian tribes inhabited this area until the foundation of the polis Odesos (today in the central part of the city) in 6th century BC. In 7th century AD the Bulgarians conquer the town.  Traces from this ancient times can be found in The Varna Archaeological Museum where extraordinary artifacts are on display.

The Roman Thermae are one of the evidence of the past time. Built during the 2nd century, the baths show that the ancient people appreciated the presence of mineral waters in the city. They are fourth largest in Europe and the largest on the Balkans.

Aladzha Monastery is a cave medieval monastery inhabited between 12th and 18th century. The name Aladzha means 'motley' on Turkish and came from the colors of the murals on the walls. The place is very close to the Golden Sands resort and is located in а picturesque forest suitable for a walk or picnic.

Discover the magic of Varna with us! If you want to start your life here, or you want to invest in real estate, if you want to relocate your business here or you just want to enjoy the balneological cures that Varna offers, Rosemonde Services is here for you!