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About Bulgaria

About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the hidden gem of the Balkans!



Here you will find beautiful nature, delicious food, great wines, friendly people, ancient culture, low taxes, affordable real estate, production of high quality products with european standards and many more.

Bulgaria is an ancient country with rich history and culture. Nestled in one of the most romantic and at the same time strategic places in Eastern Europe, the country withstood trough the ages to save and continue its long-standing history. The Bulgarians are peaceful and hospitable Christian people with old traditions and culture, ready to welcome everyone who desire to meet many historical and architectural landmarks as well as the lifestyle and the traditions.

In Bulgaria you can see magnificent monasteries, millennium cities, romantic villages and spectacular mountains. Among them are The Varna Necropolis (4000 BC) conserved the oldest gold jewelry in the world; Thracian tombs and sanctuaries with worldwide appreciated golden treasures - excellent examples of fine jewelry; The Panagyurishte Gold Treasure; numerous Greek, Roman, Byzantine ancient monuments.; architectural and historical complexes and nature reserves - Pliska, Preslav, Veliko Tarnovo, Koprivshtitsa, Zheravna, Bozhentsi, Melnik and many others.

Thanks to its location, Bulgaria enjoys mild and humid continental climate suitable for holidays throughout the year. Here extreme colds or heats are rarely observed. You can fully enjoy nature in its most beautiful and pleasant form. The lush green landscapes in the spring, the soft sunshine of the summer, the warm pastel colors in the autumn and of course the mild but snowy winter make Bulgaria a preferred four season destination, each having its own charm and magical atmosphere.

The mountain ranges in the south part of Bulgaria appeal with beauty and variety and their accessibility throughout the seasons attract many tourists. The mountain ski resorts, the precious healing mineral springs, the SPA centers, numerous worlds class wineries and the healthy delicious Bulgarian cuisine are only part of the treasures of Bulgaria.

The sea is quiet, calm and warm with long and wide beaches with incredible sand. Along the Blacksea coast spacious beaches and picturesque rocky shores alternate, representing one of the main tourist attractions. The country is preferred also for the fact that all European countries are one-two hour flight away, and just for a day you can drive trough its entire territory.

In addition to the ease of travel, the location of Bulgaria gives serious prerequisites for extremely convenient ways of transportation and logistics, thus the country is preferred for business development not only in Europe. Thanks to the two large ports on the east coast Varna and Burgas the country is a hub for goods from the East and West.

Another favorable factor is the presence of one of the best tax systems in the European union, which makes Bulgaria attractive for foreign investments. The advantageous business conditions like low taxes, the logistics, strategic location, fertile land and the professional workers attract business from all over the world. The highly qualified specialists from Bulgaria are famous worldwide with their achievements in business, science, commerce, healthcare and many other fields related with the development of the modern world.

In addition we can say for supporting middle to upper class lifestyle in Bulgaria you need far less means compared to many European countries and this is not at the expense of quality, experiences and opportunities that the country offers.

Every year Bulgaria hosts many festivals, which along with a variety of theatrical pieces, operas, ballets and concerts, enrich and bring out the modern cultural life of the country at a high European level, while being extremely affordable to visit, and usually twice as cheap to visit as many European countries.

The capital of Bulgaria - Sofia could be considered as a modern and cultural center of the country, thanks to its motley mixture of history and modern entertainment. The city follows the latest trends in any aspect: fashion, events, entertainment, shopping, restaurants and more. However, it is not inferior to other major cities in the country whose daily pulse is no less dynamic and full of cultural events, opportunities for entertainment, etc.

The combination of the dynamics of the big city and the tranquility of rural life would also could be successful, thanks to the countless paradise nooks spread all over the country. In the weekends many residents of Bulgaria take a break from the hectic lifestyle in the hug of the nature only several kilometers away of the city. Some of them even grow their own food - fruits and vegetables so they can enjoy the best of the goods of our nature.

Others have chosen a life far from the big city`s dynamics, fully committed to relaxation, peace of mind and healthy praxis. Whatever your rhythm is, in Bulgaria you can find the wonderful blend responding to your expectancies for happy and fulfilling life.

Here in Bulgaria we enjoy succession to different cultures which have their place in the modern life in the country. Attractive entertainment options are offered like bars, discos, casinos etc. You can find also restaurants providing delicious dishes, representing traditional Bulgarian cuisine as well as the best from the European and Asian kitchens.

Here everyone is welcome to stay and find their new home in this place of beauty, serenity and opportunity - Bulgaria.