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Wellness and recreation in Varna


Thanks to the natural resources, pleasant weather conditions and the abundance of healing mineral waters, Varna is able to offer a wide variety of SPA and wellness services, which are suitable for everyone who would like to release the tension and stress, to relax and regain their inner balance, to spend a few days or hours taking good care of their physical and mental health.

The relaxing climate at the Black Sea coast with its wide sandy and easily accessible coastline and sloping seabed, surrounded by woodlands, natural parks and mineral springs, combined with prolonged sunshine period and bio-climactic specifics of Varna, allow for a wide variety of methods of therapy, restoration and beauty procedures in the SPA and wellness centers.

SPA and wellness services in recreational centers are a package of procedures intended to maintain good health, to develop socially required physical capacity and to restore the body with the means, methods and forms of traditional and alternative medicine, physical culture, sport and tourism.

Mineral water is a common but not obligatory component in the SPA therapies. The common thing for all of them, however, is the absence of any synthetic products – mineral oils, chemical emulsifiers, preservatives and colorants. Only ingredients of completely natural origin are used.

Here are some of the types of SPA and wellness centers in Varna:

DAY SPA or the urban type Spa center offers everything under one roof service to visitors. These centers include full list of water, recovery and cosmetic procedures that can last from 30 minutes up to a few hours or a whole day. Most centers offer packages that give you chance to treat yourself to full relaxation and care at a very favorable price. The main specific characteristic of these centers is that they do not offer accommodation, but they are located in convenient and accessible locations in the city and suburbs, which makes them a very convenient option for a break in the everyday life.

SPA Hotels – they are located in hotel complexes. These centers offer numerous amenities and are becoming increasingly popular. They are preferred by many tourists because they offer outstanding relaxing opportunities to people who want to escape from the daily stress and to combine their vacation with recovery and relaxing procedures. They offer accommodation and numerous activities for entertainment and recreation, depending on the location of the hotel – diving, sailing, various sports, aerobics and fitness classes.

Thermal SPA centers are located in places with the presence of many mineral springs with proven helpful effect for the human body. They have swimming pools, Jacuzzi and many opportunities for recovery, therapy and efficient rest.

Wellness and SPA has a main focus on activities for healthy lifestyle and improvement of the physical condition. They employ various professionals such as physiotherapists, nutritionists, medical professionals in different fields, covering a wide range of needs and opportunities for the achievement of different goals by their visitors.

Sports and SPA Complex – they offer all modern amenities for active training and recreation. Fitness centers, massages, coaches and numerous activities. Often, individual activities are available in several main directions: preparation of a customized program with complex exercises, tailored to the personal characteristics, health status and goals, as well as recommendation of a healthy diet.

Medical SPA – they offer non-traditional and alternative medical techniques for treatment or recovery. The teams are composed mainly of doctors and other qualified medical professionals. The techniques and procedures in these centers can be herbalism, chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy and balneology, etc.   

Thalassotherapy centers are intended for treatment, recovery and relaxing through therapeutic procedures that use seawater, salt and algae. You can enjoy the sea and the sun, thus getting wants and needs met.   

The main methods of therapy, recovery and beauty procedures offered at the centers have survived millennia and have proven their effectiveness along with the healing potential of water and physical exercises, and are particularly suitable for rehabilitation after injuries or surgery operations, as well as for keeping up, restoring mental health and creating new, fruitful and creative contacts. The optional group activities of different types, such as aerobics, dances, yoga and others also have a positive effect. The classes are distinguished by style, target orientation and degree of intensity. The variety of group programs allows everyone to choose a suitable pastime according to their preferences and physical abilities. In addition, you can take advantage of the relaxing and healing effect of massages and therapies, which are often an integral part of the services offered at the spa centers, as well as the opportunity to enjoy sauna, steam bath, mud baths and visits to salt rooms.

SPA and Wellness beauty treatments are an extra bonus to the experiences you can treat yourself to.

Varna is a city with traditions in cultural and sport activities, as well as a host of international sport competitions. It offers access to all needed amenities according to the modern standards for good rest –well developed transport, information, business and administrative infrastructure and numerous resorts and complexes in the immediate vicinity.

This is a city that is definitely worth a visit. You will be fascinated by the opportunities for a rest and relaxation, as well as their successful combination with daily activities and engagements.

We can be your loyal assistant and partner on the way to your dream lifestyle.

If you want to enjoy the variety of spa and wellness services in Varna, just contact us!

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